Nowadays, industrial preparation, processing, and manufacturing systems are highly automated in order to ensure that raw materials and energy are consumed in a conservative and efficient manner to achieve a production level of consistency, economy and safety which could not be achieved purely by human manual control. In this context, the ability to measure pressures, levels, and flow rates reliably and precisely in harsh, humid, and dusty environments and to measure aggressive, corrosive, explosive, and other liquids and gases is essential.

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Fully integrated, safe and reliable control strategies and control system optimization are the key to ensuring peak performance and productivity. Today, all well-run operations are utilizing the full capabilities of their control systems to increase capacity and reduce cost. Electechnique provides expertise in control system design and configuration, including implementing the right control strategy and industrial automation systems.

  • Control System Design

Leveraging industry standards and best practices, Electechnique provides design services for plant-wide automation & control systems to ensure high reliability and maintainability with minimal spare parts inventory. Electechnique’s team of experts can select and implement the proper control strategy to improve quality control, better respond to changing input variables and reduce downtime.

  • PLC System Configuration and Optimization

Electechnique’s highly skilled team is experienced with a wide range of major PLC vendors. We offer technical services to design hardware, program, commission and optimize your control system equipment to meet the needs of your processes and business. Electechnique can work with existing customer standards or utilize Electechnique’s reusable templates to program systems that are easy to maintain and troubleshoot.

  • HMI and SCADA Systems

Operator interfaces provide a very useful function for operator command and control. However, when upsets occur, operators need relevant information to guide them through these events. Leveraging best-in-class industry standards and our in-depth experience in Human Factors Engineering, Electechnique offers HMI and SCADA solutions that allow operators to easily and intuitively understand and control their processes effectively. From small HMI implementations to large-scale SCADA systems, Electechnique offers a multitude of solutions for human-machine interface design.
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