• Control and safety Systems

Our Boiler control options range from electro / mechanical through to full microprocessor control systems to match both application and customer needs. The latest controls can be enhanced by the Electechnique Boiler Control System. The touchscreen HMI enables real-time monitoring, fault and status diagnostics with remote access via SCADA, PC station or tablet. Boiler status datalogging is also possible with our boiler control and safety management system.

Boiler safety management systems can tremendously enhance the safety of boilers and their operators.Actually most of the safety issues are linked closely with the boiler operation. Manual operation of boilers generally leads to overlooking some of the safety conditions and this might result in a safety hazard.Equipping the boiler with an automatic safety management system can avoid occurrence of such human error and take boiler safety to an altogether different level.A good boiler safety monitoring system will continuously monitor and generate trends and diagnostics and alarms in case of any breaches for following controls:

  • Water Level Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Fuel Trains.

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boiler parts
  • Inspection

Just like the car you drive every day, industrial or commercial boilers and auxiliary boiler equipment need to be properly maintained at recommended intervals for peak performance and long service life.Additionally, a certification of inspection is needed to operate from year to year. Electechnique is your one-stop-shop for boiler inspection, planned outage maintenance, emergency service, and on-site equipment assessments.

Every boiler and pressure vessel in the Kenya requires an annual inspection, generally undertaken by a licensed inspector. Annual inspection is typically geared toward a specific piece or set of equipment and involves a planned outage to open the boiler(s) and inspect the fire and water side. At Electechnique we offer boiler inspection, identify any problems and make repairs that may be required such as tubing, refractory, gaskets, controls, etc.

Specifically, an annual boiler inspection addresses the labor, material, equipment and supervision to:

  • remove all safety relief valves, and replace them with valves provided by customer
  • open the boiler(s), inspect tubes, tube sheets, level controls
  • close the boiler(s), clean outside area and prepare for firing
  • perform calibration service and performance testing on the boiler safety interlocks, controls and valves
  • inspect related equipment including de-aerators, feed-water systems, economizers, blow-down systems, etc. as applicable.

Boilers and equipment which pass inspection receive a new annual certificate of operation. Keep your steam plant operating at its best.
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